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 +====== Notification Area ======
 +The //​Notification Area// panel plugin allows you to display multiple tray icons from various applications within the panel. ​
 +====== Properties ======
 +<figure "​Notification area's properties dialog">​
 +===== Appearance =====
 +? Maximum icon size (pixels)
 +! Select the maximum icon size allowed in the //​Notification Area//​. ​
 +? Show Frame
 +! Display a border around the //​Notification Area//​. ​
 +===== Known Applications =====
 +The Known Applications displays the icons and names of all applications which have appeared in the //​Notification Area//. You can define which icons you would like to hide or display in the //​Notification Area// by checking the boxes within the {gui>​Hidden} column.
 +? Clear known applications
 +! Clears the list of applications from the Known Applications list.