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     wnck-pager     wnck-pager
 +===== GTK3 Theme testing and debugging =====
 +For testing, you can make modifications in the override file located at **~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css**. If the directory path doesn't exist, then you will have to create it.
 +    mkdir -p  ~/.config/gtk-3.0
 +To see your modifications applied, you can reset the xfce4-panel process by typing the following command into a terminal:
 +    xfce4-panel -r
 +For debugging, you can use the [[https://wiki.gnome.org/action/show/Projects/GTK/Inspector|GtkInspector tool from GNOME]]. To inspect the XFCE panelbar and its plugins, you can perform the following:
 +Kill the current xfce panel process:
 +    pkill xfce4-panel
 +Start the panel process with GtkInspector debugging enabled:
 +    GTK_DEBUG=interactive xfce4-panel
 ---- ----
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 <figure "Panelbar workspace switcher">{{:xfce:xfce4-panel:4.14:workspace_switcher.png}}</figure> <figure "Panelbar workspace switcher">{{:xfce:xfce4-panel:4.14:workspace_switcher.png}}</figure>
 +Clock colours and font style:
 +    #clock-button {
 +      color: black;
 +      font-style: italic;
 +      background-color: lightblue; }
 +<figure "Panelbar Clock">{{:xfce:xfce4-panel:4.14:clock.png}}</figure>