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The Launcher panel plugin allows you to create application shortcuts and display them on your panel.

Add New Launchers

Besides adding launchers with the Add New Items window, it is also possible to drag-and-drop .desktop files straight onto the panel. A common way to do this is by finding the desired application in Application Finder, and then dragging it from the list and onto the panel.

If you try to drop it in between two existing launchers, Xfce will attempt to open the .desktop file with the nearest application. To prevent this, hold down Ctrl as you drag and drop the item.


All launchers accept text/uri-list as arguments when dropped on the launcher button, it will be used as an argument for the first application in the items list. See the Expanding Variables below for more information.


Launcher Preferences



Expanding Variables

The command of each launcher is expanded before it is executed. This means the .desktop files' field codes are processed.


Plugin Events

It is possible to send events to launcher plugins over the command line. One example is this:

xfce4-panel --plugin-event launcher:disable-tooltips:bool:true

This will disable the tooltips property for all launcher plugins in the panel.