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 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +? Display chooser on login
 +! If set, the session manager will ask you to choose a session every time you log in to Xfce.
 +? Automatically save session on logout
 +! This option instructs the session manager to save the current session automatically when you log out. If you don't select this option you'll be prompted whether you want to save the current session on each logout.
 +? Prompt on logout
 +! This option disables the logout confirmation dialog. Whether the session will be saved or not depends on whether you enabled the automatic saving of sessions on logout or not.
 ===== Splash ===== ===== Splash =====
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 {{:​xfce:​xfce4-session:​xfce4-session-preferences-splash.png?​nolink&​|}} {{:​xfce:​xfce4-session:​xfce4-session-preferences-splash.png?​nolink&​|}}
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +On the left, the dialog shows a list of all installed engines. Select an engine, and you will see, if available, a preview and information about it. You can click on the {gui>​Test} button to see a demonstration of the selected splash screen engine.
 +xfce4-session provides three Splash themes engines by default. Their respective configuration options -- if any -- are available from the {gui>​Configure} button.
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 {{:​xfce:​xfce4-session:​xfce4-session-preferences-advanced.png?​nolink&​|}} {{:​xfce:​xfce4-session:​xfce4-session-preferences-advanced.png?​nolink&​|}}
 </​figure>​ </​figure>​
 +? Launch GNOME services on startup
 +! Enable this option if you need the GNOME keyring daemon to be run on startup. <​del>​This option also instructs xfce4-session to bring up the GNOME assistive technologies at startup (if enabled in the GNOME control center). See the GNOME documentation for more information on this topic.</​del>​
 +? Launch KDE services on startup
 +! Enable this option if you plan to run KDE applications as part of your Xfce Desktop session. This will notably increase the startup time, but on the other hand, KDE applications will startup faster. Some KDE applications may not work at all if you don't enable this option.
 +? Manage remote applications
 +! Allow the session manager to manage applications running on remote hosts. Since this option may constitute a security risk, by listening to a TCP port on your system, do not enable it unless you know what you are doing.
 +! System administrators may want to disable this option globally using the session managers [[advanced|KIOSK capabilities]].