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xfce4-settings - Settings Daemon

The settings daemon – process name is xfsettingsd – is an application that runs in the background to apply various settings in the desktop. The application 'listens' to the xfconf channels and applies them when the user changes the setting in a dialog and configures everything on startup.

Normally the process is started by the session manager. If this is not the case, you can manually start the process in a terminal (it will fork to the background) or check if the application is enabled in the auto start application of the session manager.

The Settings Daemon, when running, overwrites settings in other desktop components (like GTK+ and X) through the XSETTINGS specification, with its own Xfce settings. This means, for instance, that GTK preferences specified in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini are ignored in favor of the Xfce settings. You can set these with the Settings Editor (xfce4-settings-editor) in the xsettings section. For instance, the GTK+ key theme must be changed in xsettings→Gtk→KeyThemeName.


If you have problems with settings and wonder which and if the settings are applied, you can run the daemon in debugging mode. You can do with with the following command in a terminal:

XFSETTINGSD_DEBUG=1 xfsettingsd --replace --no-daemon

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