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This is a simple client plugin for Music Player Daemon. To build it, libmpd headers and library are used if found, but it'll use a lighter internal socket interface if you don't have libmpd.

Features :

  • send Play/Stop/Next/Previous command to MPD.
  • uses media icons names from icon-naming-spec (at least nuvola, tango and rodent themes provides these icons)
  • decrease/increase volume using the mouse wheel.
  • show the current volume, status and title as a tooltip when hovering the mouse over the plugin.
  • show a simple playlist window upon middle-click, permitting to select a track to play
  • configurable MPD host/port/password.
  • toggles repeat/random features + enable/disable MPD outputs in the right-click menu.
  • launch configurable client (gmpc, xterm -e ncmpc,..) through right-click menu
  • configurable markup for tooltip and playlist, using a gmpc-like markup :
    • playlist accepts %artist%, %title%, %album% and %track%
    • tooltip accepts the same plus %vol%, %status% and %newline%


Add the plugin to the panel, and configure MPD connection settings.



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