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Originally written by Diego Ongaro, this plugin is a menu with quick access to folders, documents, and removable media. The places plugin brings much of the functionality of GNOME's Places menu to Xfce.

The plugin puts a simple button on the panel. Clicking on this button opens up a menu with the following:

  1. System-defined directories (home folder, trash, desktop, file system)
  2. Removable media (using thunar-vfs)
  3. User-defined bookmarks (reads ~/.gtk-bookmarks)
  4. Search program launcher (optional)
  5. Recent documents submenu (requires GTK+ v2.10 or greater)


Just add it to the panel. User-defined bookmarks can be modified with a file manager or by manually editing ~/.gtk-bookmarks. You can configure the plugin by right-clicking on the button and selecting Properties (see screenshot below).


For this screenshot, I plugged in my IPOD:


Here, I've clicked on the IPOD menu item and am about to mount it:


You can see the recent documents in this screenshot (taken with my IPOD unplugged):


Here's what it looks like when configured to display a label:


The search program launcher looks like this:


And the properties/preferences dialog:


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Latest Release

1.8.0 (2019/08/11)


SHA-256 Hash: f211219f03c9260f624370e18c79e4176c9d35a8247158e77e5d811327610ab2
SHA-1 Hash: 9aaeb694bd16c3292b00ec16e0546b7672d6b30d
MD5 Hash: bde92cbd08f129d517524784e5060816

Release History

Version 1.2

  • Updates a ton of translations (thanks to the i18n team)
  • Adds XDG user dirs support (thanks to Andea Santilli, bug #4461)
  • Uses XDG icon names (thanks to Yves-Alexis Perez, bug #5034)
  • Shows “Eject” option on removable volumes when Thunar 1.0 does (bug #4136)
  • Makes the properties dialog non-modal
  • Honors GTK's menu icon size (bug #4744)
  • Calls the file browser through exo instead of directly opening Thunar (thanks to Christian Dywan, bug #4463)
  • Fixes some issues on shutdown
  • Takes advantage of the panel's menu positioning on Xfce 4.6


Version 1.1

  • “xfce4-popup-places” command to open the menu
  • Error messages when mounts/unmounts fail
  • Grays out panel icon while busy (un)mounting
  • Multiple bug fixes and enhancements (see ChangeLog)


Version 1.0 (final)

  • Added “Mount and Open” action for removable media (Bug #3565)
  • Fixed make distcheck errors
  • Fixed menu “blinking” when ~/.gtk-bookmarks not found
  • Fixed always showing “No items found” in recent documents with GTK 2.12 (Bug #3605)
  • Adopted menu positioning from notes plugin for improved behavior with floating panels


Version 1.0beta2 (v0.9.992)

  • Reorganization of GUI code
  • Improved plugin sizing algorithm
  • “Open” menu item now opens with Thunar, as intended
  • Now polls for model changes (e.g., new devices) while menu is open
  • Fix bug #3471 (Rightclick action pins autohidden panel)


Version 1.0beta1 (v0.9.991)

  • Adds mount/unmount options for volumes (removable media)
  • Adds Open Terminal Here option where applicable
  • Search for Files with an external application
  • The trash icon now shows whether there's anything in the trash
  • Large internal clean-up
  • Other minor bug fixes


Version 0.3

  • Adds preferences dialog (optionally show a label on the panel)
  • Thunar now opens when middle-clicking the button (Bug #3239)
  • Bug fixes
  • #3237: Places won't compile on Debian testing
  • With no .gtk-bookmarks, the menu showed two consecutive separators


Version 0.2

  • Support for volumes (removable media), recent documents
  • Now has 35 translations, taken from Thunar and gnome-panel.
  • Rewritten view based on xfdesktop's menu and .gtk-bookmarks parsing based on Thunar's parser
  • Many bug fixes
    • #3028: Places button activated when dragged away
    • #3029: Places ignores orientation-changed
    • #3030: Places shows missing menu items
    • #3124: Auto-hidden panel hides on plugin activation


Version 0.1

This is the first stable release.

  • Adds i18n support
  • Fixes URL escaping display issue (#3027)
  • Fixes hard-coded Thunar path (#3053)


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  • Xfce 4.4 (or 4.3.99)
  • Thunar VFS v0.4
  • GTK v2.6 (v2.10 required for Recent Documents)


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