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xfce4-places-plugin - Places

Originally written by Diego Ongaro, this plugin is a menu with quick access to folders, documents, and removable media. The places plugin brings much of the functionality of GNOME's Places menu to Xfce.


The plugin puts a simple button on the panel. Clicking on this button opens up a menu with the following:

  1. System-defined directories (home folder, trash, desktop, file system)
  2. Removable media (using thunar-vfs)
  3. User-defined bookmarks (reads ~/.gtk-bookmarks)
  4. Search program launcher (optional)
  5. Recent documents submenu (requires GTK+ v2.10 or greater)


Just add it to the panel. User-defined bookmarks can be modified with a file manager or by manually editing ~/.gtk-bookmarks. You can configure the plugin by right-clicking on the button and selecting Properties (see screenshot below).


For this screenshot, I plugged in my IPOD:


Here, I've clicked on the IPOD menu item and am about to mount it:


You can see the recent documents in this screenshot (taken with my IPOD unplugged):


Here's what it looks like when configured to display a label:


The search program launcher looks like this:


And the properties/preferences dialog:


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For concrete information on the minimum required versions, check configure.ac.in

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