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A plugin used to display stats from a wireless LAN interface.

xfce4-wavelan-plugin displays the following information about a WaveLAN device:

  • Signal state (tells if a carrier signal was detected)
  • Signal quality (current quality of the carrier signal)
    • Note that the latter is in % on Linux and in dBm on BSDs. Hence, on BSDs, the progressbar may be never full, as dBm is not easily comparable to a maximum.
  • Network name (current SSID of the WaveLAN network)

At the time of this writing NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux are supported.

The plugin shows signal quality as a percentage on Linux and as dBm on BSDs. Therefore, the progressbar will probably be not really accurate on BSDs, as dBm is hardly comparable to a maximum.


Add the plugin to the panel, and select the wireless interface you want to monitor.



Latest Release

  • xfce4-wavelan-plugin 0.6.3 released (2022/06/14 17:19)


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