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Xfce4-wavelan-plugin is used to display stats from a wireless LAN interface.


xfce4-wavelan-plugin displays the following information about a WaveLAN device:

  • Signal state (tells if a carrier signal was detected)
  • Signal quality (current quality of the carrier signal)
    • Note that the latter is in % on Linux and in dBm on BSDs. Hence, on BSDs, the progressbar may be never full, as dBm is not easily comparable to a maximum.
  • Network name (current SSID of the WaveLAN network)

At the time of this writing NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Linux are supported.

It shows signal quality as percentage on Linux and dBm on BSDs, hence progressbar will probably be not really accurate on BSDs, as dBm is hardly comparable to a maximum.


Add the plugin to the panel, and select the wireless interface you want to monitor.



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