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Getting Started

The panel will usually be started automatically as part of your Xfce session when you start the Xfce Desktop Environment. To manually start the panel, you can run xfce4-panel in a terminal.

When the panel is started for the first time it will give you the following options:

Use default config
This will import the default panel configuration with most of the default panel plugins. This gives a good starting point to edit and create your own configuration.
One empty panel
This will give you one empty panel window, useful if you already know what sort of configuration you want.
If an old Xfce 4.6 panel configuration is found on your system, then there is an additional option available to migrate the old panel layout to the new panel configuration in xconf, called Migrate old config

Once you have selected an option, your panel(s) will appear. Read more about changing the configuration of the panel and the various plugins available in the other sections of the panel documentation.