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xfce4-panel - Window Buttons

The Window Buttons panel plugin allows allows you to switch between application windows using buttons.


Window button's properties dialog

Style Properties

Do not expect max-button-length, min-button-length and max-button-size to really work as intended: see https://gitlab.xfce.org/xfce/xfce4-panel/-/issues/683.
# The maximum length of a button before the label ellipsizes.
# When this value is set to -1 the button will expand to the
# entire available space.
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-max-button-length: 200; }
# The minimum length of a button before the label ellipsizes.
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-min-button-length: 50; }
# The maximum size controls the number of lines on which
# buttons rearrange themselves: panel-size / max-button-size.
# So the button size can actually be up to 2 * max-button-size.
# When this value is set to -1 there is no maximum size.
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-max-button-size: 32; }
# Ellipsizing used in the task list and overflow menu labels.
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-ellipsize-mode: PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_END; }
# Lucency of minimized icons. Valid values are between 0 (completely
# hide the icon) and 100 (don't lighten the icon).
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-minimized-icon-lucency: 50; }
# Maximum number of characters in the menu label before it will
# be ellipsized.
.tasklist { -XfceTasklist-menu-max-width-chars: 24; }

See the theming section for more information.

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