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The Xfce Panel Preferences dialog gives you the ability to customize your panel. You can change the size, appearance, and orientation of your panels. You can also add or remove extra panels on your desktop.

Panel Preferences Dialog

Accessing Panel Preferences

The panel preferences can be opened by going to SettingsPanel in your applications menu. You can also access panel preferences by right clicking on your panel and going to Panel Settings. If you right click on space occupied by a panel plugin, you can access panel preferences by going to PanelPanel Preferences....

Selecting a panel

You can select a panel from the drop down list at the top of the dialog. Next to this are two buttons that can be used to remove (-) the currently selected panel or add (+) a new empty panel.

The panel selected in the dialog should also show a selection around the panel, so it is clear which panel you are editing.


This tab hold the settings how the panel is positioned on the screen.




“”“”launcherswindow buttons

By default the panel distributes the plugins from left to right (or from top to bottom, if the panel is in the vertical or deskbar mode). However, it is possible to align plugins to the center to the right (or bottom) of the panel by inserting an expandable separator to the left (or above) these plugins. By inserting two or more expandable separators it is also possible to position plugins at the center of the panel.

NOTE: If you have upgraded to Xfce 4.10 and all your panel plugins have shifted to the left (or top) of the panel, please use an expandable separator as described above. In Xfce 4.8 the window buttons plugin was expandable as well, but it is no longer the case in Xfce 4.10.


This tab contains the style settings of the currently selected panel.


SettingsAppearanceNoneSolid Color
The opacity and alpha settings are only available if the X server supports compositing and this is enabled in the window manager. To enabled this in Xfwm4 activate SettingsWindow Manager TweaksCompositorEnable display compositing from the applications menu.

Solid ColorBackground Image


These options set the transparency of the entire panel.


This shows the items that are placed on the currently selected panel. In case items are hard to move or edit on the panel using the right-click menu, this tab allows you to move, add, remove and access the preferences of the items on the panel.

This tab contains a row of buttons that allow you to manipulate the items on the panel.

With the up and down buttons you can move the currently selected item in the panel.

The add button opens the add new items dialog. With the remove button you can remove the currently selected item from the panel.

The preferences and about buttons are only active if the plugin support these features. It will open the selected items' settings.

Only limitation in this dialog, compared to mouse handling, is that you cannot move items between panels and access custom menu items a plugin can add in the item menu.