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Settings Manager


  • Settings Daemon – A daemon that runs in the background to apply all the settings
  • Settings Manager – Dialog that lists all the settings dialogs provided by this package (listed below) or other core modules of Xfce


  • Accessibility – Improve keyboard and mouse accessibility
  • Appearance – Customize the look of your desktop
  • Color – Manage the color profiles of your devices
  • Display – Configure screen settings and layout
  • Keyboard – Edit keyboard settings and application shortcuts
  • Mouse and Touchpad – Configure pointer device behavior and appearance
  • Settings Editor – Editor that allows to modify all the various setting channels
  • MIME Type Editor – Editor to modify application associations with MIME types

Other Dialogs

The following items are often visible in the settings manager, but not part of the xfce4-settings package. You can click the links below to redirect to the correct place on this website.

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